Kelana Central Food Crew

Kelana Central Food Crew

Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Innovation Report


This subject officially want to teach us how to manage our self to cook and to teach us to be us more confident when we all at kitchen. This subject also teach all students how to create and innovate the food or how to create a new food and thanks to our lecturer give support and teach about this subject.


This subject want to teach the students how to be more confident when we cook and another objective, this subject also want to know how we generate the idea when we create it.


When in class for the first month we have about three time about a lab test for the fourth we must submit the proposal for individual by each group.

Second month and the following we create our recipe that we submit the proposal to the lecturer. We make a sweet Bechamel Sauce we made it until five times before the I-Exhibition Event start.

The Body
  • Organization Chart
Prof Dr Naim - Miss Nina Marlini - Irwan - Mohd Azizee - Mohd Nazrin
  • Task Implemention
Before event day
In 5 weeks we make a preparation until the last preparation that is weeks 5, our Sauce are totally passed for the last day that is one day it before event, we just bought for our decoration for our Sauce

During event day
We start at 10.00 am but every group must prepare the product at least 2 hour early because the organizer don't want every group make a last minute preparation because it will be disturb the audience and event ceremony. In that day the MICE students was incharge and be our organizer. The MICE students was invite 3 judge. That is Mariah Tengku Sabri, the manager from William Restaurant and chef from hotel.

After event day
After event day, mean after the judges make a judge to all the product and the end of the event, the organizer has give the present to the winner and they also make a lucky draw contest.

Problem faced
For the whole event, what we can see th problem must face is about the table that they give to us. The table was too small and the space for we put our product is very limited.


For the conclusion is fisrtly, this subject is really usefull to all students. This is because students when they out or finish from UNIRAZAK they will go to the hospitality industry they already have self confident to face that day. And lastly the conclusion the organizer must be clever and must be get prepared to face any problem might be happen.

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