Kelana Central Food Crew

Kelana Central Food Crew

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sauce 3

this is our lab test 3 for our sweet bachemal sauce..
after last week, our sauce is not tastier.
after changing back our ingredient from fresh milk and whipping cream. we think the taste is nice...

that time i try to not add salt and paper . and we also have a new recipe to do this sauce, it is.

butter 2 tbsp
flour 2 tbsp
corn flour 1 tsp
capsicum 1 pieces
lemon 1 pieces

ingredient to blend
pine apple 2 pieces
green apple 7 pieces
*when mix the juice, only use 11/2 bowl

when we use the new recipe. we got a new taste.. and the taste is very nice and cool.

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