Kelana Central Food Crew

Kelana Central Food Crew

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lab test 3- fruit leather

For our lab test 3, we must make a fruit leather test by using a fresh orange add with honey and sugar.


For first experiment, we add sugar into he fresh orange and blend it by using a fruit blender. After that we put the fresh orang orange that has been blend into the trail and separate it. after that we bake it for two hours

After we already done for the first experiment, what e can see, the color, flavor, tenderness and texture is perfect.

Treatment By Using a Sugar.
Color - yellow orange
Flavor - sweet sour
Tenderness - sticky and soft
Texture - sandy

for our last experiment, is treatment by using a honey, and mix into the fresh orange and blend it. The procedure is same is same with the first experiment .

Treatment By Using a honey.
Color - yellow orange
Flavor - bitter
Tenderness - sticky and soft
Texture - sticky and smooth

So the conclusion is, by using a sugar is more batter than honey. it will effect on texture taste and color.

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