Kelana Central Food Crew

Kelana Central Food Crew

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sauce 1

For this subject. me and my group will make our own sauce it is combination white sauce and green apple and pine apple.. this combination happen when one of our group think about fruit.

so, for the first class. we must make our first experiment and we can see how the product look and taste.

so the ingredient is

butter 2 tbsp
flour 2 tbsp
corn flour 1 tsp
capsicum 1 pieces
lemon 1 pieces

for blander.....
pine apple 7-8 pieces
green apple 2 pieces

so for the first experiment, we try to make it. and we failed. because the texture is too hard and the texture is too rough.

for the second time. we try to make it.. it done. but it have a little bit cream taste..
so, this is the picture from what we done from beginning till end.

so this is our second experiment.. the testier little bit creamy. then we make another experiment.. the taste is also same.. we want to make another experiment. but we don't have enough ingredients.. this is the picture for the last product.

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